Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sickness, More OW swimming and potential bike theft!

Past 2 weeks I have been suffering with stomach pains, wind and...well the sh*ts every now and again so training had come to a halt while I regained my strength back and my appetite to start eating again, the main culprit I think was my little lad, kids are germ factories and once they get a sickness bug....you know your definitely going to get it! So yeah took my hit and got back into my training, still not done any brick training so to speak off so best do a few sessions before Dambuster.

As the weather has been lovely for the past 2 weeks it would of been a shame not to enjoy it in the lakes, so I got my wet suit on and headed down to time how long it would take me to do 1500m....I managed to do it in 42-45mins, which in most peoples eyes is quite crap, but for love nor money I cant do open water sighting! there is no fancy line down the middle to guide you, just the bottom of the lake....until it goes misty. Every time I tried to sight my breathing would go to pot, I loose my rhythm and resort to breast stroke for 3 strokes and then back into freestyle. Not the ideal way to do it, but i guess it will get me through the swim and then I can play catch up on the bike and run. After getting out the lake I noticed I had nicked my wet suit on some branches which I wasn't to happy about, so gotta get some black witch to sort it out ready for the big day!

After work I decided to swing by my parents to pick up a few bits and bobs they had bought for me, so with it being a fly by visit, I rode up the path, put my bike to the side, opened the door and greeted my parents I started to load up my bag...while with the door slightly closed my mum noticed a figure coming up the garden path, I opened the door to see some low life making off with my bike!!! I sprinted after them and managed to to jump and get the guy into a headlock and pull him down, but with the bike falling on top of me, this enabled to guy to get off and make a run for it. Im glad I cycle in the top gear all the time as it didn't give him enough time to build up some speed....Also im glad it was my Mountain bike and not my Tri-Bike! My parents was quite impressed how quick I shot off after him and managed to pull some 6ft-er off my bike, must be all the training I guess ;-).

One more thing, I managed to get a hold of an Aero Profile drinks system for my bike so ill be giving that a trial over the weekend and see how I get on with using Gels on the bike, this is prob going to get messy!

Friday, 11 May 2012

So how broken am I so far??

As the more I train the more little niggles start coming out to haunt and worry me that I wont be able to get through this, so being cautious is the name of the game for me, trying not to over do it if I can. So the list of injuries/niggles I have at the moment that are starting to be of concern are:-

1)Right Ankle - Still getting a niggle on the inside of my right foot after running, but now it don't kick in until I go past the 6-7k mark running, suspected PTT but to skint to afford physio to diagnose. Next day after a run I feel OK, not tried to run with a days rest in between just yet, but think I will start after the Dambuster as the 16 week marathon plan I have fits in nicely with the Mablethorpe marathon I hope to run, this ups my running to 3x a week, 1 long run, 1 tempo and a speed session.

This "injury" or imbalance somewhere on my body is also having a knock on effect in my swimming, the coach pointed out during the swimming analysis that my right foot is just trailing in the water and swinging out when my left hand enters the water to catch. if you look at the two pics here you can see i am "scissor kicking" when my left hand enters, but on my right...no feet to be seen! having watch the video over and over I think this is whats slowing me down in the pool, hopefully ill be able to get the drills done and sort this nasty habit out :-).

2) Right Elbow - Slight case of "golfers/tennis elbow" which has come about with the increase swimming sessions I have been doing, most noticeable when I flip from freestyle to breast stroke, starts playing up when I do breast stroke so there is my push to sack this stroke off soon as I can hit 1500m! On another note looking at the swimming analysis I had done I really need to get the drills done, so going to speak to the pool an see if i can use my fins when the pool is empty or near abouts, got to get my elbow high and no swinging around like im in a boxing match.

3)Stomach cramps after long runs - Soon as I finish a run I get stomach pains that just don't go away for the rest of the evening, Ive tried running on a light stomach and made sure Ive had a good breakfast for my lunch time runs but nothing is stopping them, come the evening times im spend on the loo with the squits...so researching this now as come race day, I don't want any of this stopping me running.