Thursday, 27 December 2012

He who fails to plan is planning to fail...

Well its been a while since I have been on here to update my progress, In my last entry I mentioned about the splitting up from my partner of 8 years, I never would of imaged how much stress this would of put on me and stop completely in my training tracks. Past 2 months I have been very sparadic in training with no set plan and just doing runs here, swimming when I can, and cycling errr....never! So with less than 9 months to go till Ironman UK ive had to really crack down and get a plan of action sorted and stick to it so I am in the best condition ever when I toe the line.

Currently im going between two houses until the ex can move out, so this is having an impact as having to stay in the house to look after my son 3 nights of the week...So whats the best alternative to no training? training in-doors! its not the ideal situation but its better than nothing right? So looked on wiggle for torture device 1 ie Turbo Trainer, I already had one but it sounded like a plane taking off and would of woke the boy up so quiet was the key. I spotted the Elite SuperCrono Inertial ElastoGel Turbo Trainer, it was reduced from £209 down to £96 so jumped at the chance and bought one. Tested it out and very quiet and a good solid workout on it, just I need to sort out my chattering gears now!

Torture device number 2 will be a treadmill, currently I am managing to do a long run at weekend and the short temp/speed sessions in my lunch break at work, but Ill wait for the usual fitness turkeys to get bored of the treadmill they got for Xmas and keep an ebay for some cheap bargains.

Now for swimming, Im really struggling because of the useless times my local sports center has the pool open for lane swiming and even then they dont put the guide ropes out so any dipshit can come crashing into you at any given moment, I may have to chose another sports center and go early mornings?

I have borrowed a book of a good friend Clint from the Lincoln Tri club, he has lent me his turbo trainer to test, tri-bars for my spare bike and now his IronFit book to give me some ideas on planning my training.

2013 is going to be a major challenge for me, not just with the Ironman but with studying to get better qualified and get a new higher paid job to keep my mortgage going, fingers crossed ill come out smiling :-)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

IRONMAN UK - August 4th 2013 - The Countdown begins!

Yes I have signed up for my first IRONMAN!!! I was going to do the Outlaw Triathlon as it was closer and cheaper than an Official Ironman event, Outlaw = £250 Ironman = £375, but due to its popularity it sold out in 5 days flat! I didn't have the funds to hand to get booked in so missed the boat.I was gutted as I knew there was no way I was going to get the fee for the official Ironman, so I looked at the charity positions going and was tempted to sign up with SCOPE for £100 entrance fee and a commitment to raise £1k. During the registration for the place it then came to the golden question as to why I wanted to do the race for that charity, the obvious was the fact that I wanted the cheap entrance fee and probably could raise the money  but I felt like a fraud, so backed out and started thinking again as how I was to get in, luck would have it my dad agreed to go half with me after I told him how much I wanted to do the race and to raise some money for charity. So I am now signed up, and will be getting in touch with a few charities that I feel are close to my heart that I would like to raise money for, with no set target, just raise what I can :-)...


Now this is the part that has taken the downward spiral in the past 2-3 weeks. Everything going smoothly, got up to my half marathon distance running, swimming was coming nicely and managing to cycle everyday...until my world came crashing down. After 8 years being with my partner we have decided to have a break/split...I wont go into details on here, but having to move back in with my parents to give each other some space has taken its toll so my training has come to a stop while I sort myself out and make time for my son. Fingers crossed it may get sorted, who knows? I may rest now until January for when I will start the Ironman training schedule, fresh body and fresh mind? or time to build up a good swimming/cycling base?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

32nd Birthday and first half marathon!

I turned 32 on Sunday an decided to keep that day as a mile stone for my first half marathon attempt....turned out I overslept and missed my calling to get the run in before we went out for the day to celebrate my I did it on the monday just before I went to work, as this would give me a faster time as I knew I had to get back in time ready for work!! So up at 4:50, quick gulp of water, out the door! took a gel with me for that 10k pick me up. All smiles, comfortable 4:40min/km pace until I got to 19km and just wanted to get it over and done with, boredom was starting to settle in, now this was my worse mistake...I went a little too hard and started to get the mother of all stiches!!! I tightened my core and pushed on, then the niggles in my lower leg started coming on, the wheels on this wagon was starting to come off! Heard the delightful 21km beep in my headphones and then slowed down....1h 40mins, quite chuffed with that to be honest as it was my first attempt but I need to keep myself focus and not do any crazy sprints at the end unless its a race, I want to make the Rutland Water starting line!

So injuries after the run? well knees was abit sore, left one more so, what made it worse was I had my legs resting on a foot stool and my little lad just lent all his weight on my knee!! this gave me a sharp pain which I wasn't too happy about. its slowly going away, just hoping its not going to affect with my running plan and take me out the race :-(.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Running and Swimming updates

After seeing physio about my dodgy leg, I have been doing alot more stretches as my right hip and hamstrings are quite tight, still getting a few niggles when going over 10k running but the next morning I dont have any pains or anything sore, Im not sure if that is a good sign or not? I dont mind as long as I can keep on running.

Another thing I have decided to do was use one of my 3x runs a week to use one to run in my Vibram barefoot running I know I keep switching between the support shoes and the minimal ones, each has there own downfall at present...the support shoe allows me to get away with a very relaxed running form, so I use these for my long and medium distant runs, the Vibrams I am just using very slowly to increase my distance in them because too much or switching to them completely always cripples me as I get too carried away and overuse those dormant muscles. So far Im having a 13k long run, 1k-2km Vibram Run and a 5/8/10k tempo run, increasing my long run distance 10% each week.

I must say the Vibrams are the only shoes that give my calfs a good workout! So hopefully using these gradually and not making the switch full on will increase my foot/ankle strength and reduce injuries.

On the swimming side of things, it was over a month since I last went in the pool, or the lake should I say for Dambuster so getting back in I knew I was in for a wake up they say use it or loose it! back in the pool and I was gutted at how quickly it can go, terrible first session and I knackered my shoulder so that was another 2 weeks waiting to get back in the pool. I decided to do my 0-1 mile program again, so started with 700m broken down. Took it easy and left it at that, was tempted to do a few more laps but didnt want to do my shoulder in again...the next session, did 700m again and as I was feeling quite fresh and the pool was almost emptied I decided to crack a few laps till I was fatigued and go home.....I cracked out 16 more laps in about 8mins which I have never done all freestyle! I felt like I could go forever! but I called it a day, as I didnt want to overdo it. Hitting the pool again tonight to repeat the same set before moving up :-).

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Marathon Training now...or is it?

Soon as Dambuster finished I started my marathon training, just to get me in the frame of mind I could complete the marathon at the end of the Ironman, so picked a 16 week training schedule from FIRST which is training 3x a week, anymore and I knew I was asking for trouble with my legs... or so I thought. After 2 weeks it was time to start the Sunday long slow runs, no matter how hard I try I struggle to go slow like the advice is to use your heart beat as a guide so I just did what I thought was comfortable for me, this was 7:30/40min miles which I thought wasn't too bad and once I got into a rhythm I felt like I could go for hours! My target was 10miles which is the longest ive ever run, abit of a jump from 10k, got to 9.5miles and then the wheels started falling off the wagon...first my right ankle started giving me grief so had to slow right down and then some stiffness in my left calf above the achillies. Soon as I got in I hopped into an ice cold bath to cool my legs down and took some ibruprofen and put my feet up for the rest of the night, hoping tomorrow morning I not done too much damage.

Morning came and my usual ankle niggle wasnt too bad, this time it was my left calf having the issues, I think adding 50% on to my running distance wasnt the best of ideas so its bitten me and told me to back off, so let my legs rest for 2/3 days and then went back to my normal 5k, no real problems but could still feel the niggles, so ice bath straight after the run.

Come Friday me and the missus decided to take the boy to Fun Farm (kids indoor play area), took my shoes off and just ran around after him. After a few minutes of playing football, I get a shooting pain in my right shin....ffs, guess Ive been told to back off the running too much for sure, shin splints is a pain in the ass! took me 6 weeks to get rid of them last time because I ran 3x a week 10k in crappy trainers.

So with all the leg injuries mainly related to my right leg I have decided to seek professional advice and see a physio, see where in the chain I have got these issues and get them resolved in time for the marathon, also this should be able if this is effecting my swimming too.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

First Olympic Distance Triathlon Completed!

Saturday 16th - The Dambuster Triathlon at Rutland Waters. Due to all the recent shitty weather in the UK several triathlon events around the country had been canceled or turned into duathlons, as such the lake temperature was down to 12*, Rumors on the forums had started Friday night that the swim portion was now down to 1k due to the temp, I didn't mind this as swimming aint my favorite part.

Woke up at 3:15am, the night before I did a list and double checked everything to make sure I wouldn't forget any of it, this ment going to bed at 10:30pm and only getting 5hrs sleep! I kept breakfast down to a bowl of cereal and a banana, I was thinking if this was enough but i don't work well on a half/full-ish stomach even if I did have 3hrs to go before the race, so woofed it down, packed up and drove the 1h 15mins to Rutland.

Apon turning up at what I though was the venue, I just saw a deserted car park and a few banners about, my heart sank thinking they had canceled the whole thing! So I got back on the road and found the right entrance. I looked out to the lake and boy was it choppy! wind was quite strong and I was quite cold in my hoody, starting to think....shite, I gonna need my gloves and jersey for the bike section, which I had bough just in case. I got registered, got my gear and set up in transition. Nerves started to kick in so used the portaloo's before they got ruined, 1hr to go I noticed some nice flapjack for sale so scoffed it quickly as it might give me abit of slow release energy later. 15mins prior to race we are called up for last minute info, the swim had indeed been cut to 1k, it wasn't to be a start in the water but instead a "beach start" so no acclimatising to the chilly 12* water....great. I got my wetsuit on, put my cap on, adjusted my goggles and wandered up to the beach, no sooner had I got there the hooter went and it was mass panic into the water! This took me totally out of my comfort zone with several kicks to the face and elbows, I decided to let the rush go as it completely stunned me for abit, I was back of the pack because as soon at I got into my rhythm I was on someones toes or bumping into someone, so I had to breast stroke for quite alot of the swim, the panic and the coldness caught me off guard, I was just happy to get back to the shore and start the next part of the race.....coming out the water, cap off, goggles off, zip down, first shoulder down, at my bike, second shoulder down, arm out....left arm......left arm...stuck!! F**KING WATCH!!! in practice it slid right over my wet suit no problem, but this time it was stuck and my weak arms was struggling to get it out, this took up way too much time, plus drying my feet to put in my bike shoes...oh well, lets get on now, sod the warm jersey and gloves I was cooking!!, so out of T1 and mounted my bike ready for the 42k.

Leaving the venue I took 1k or so just to get comfortable, check my watch and see how I was doing for time...oh FFS!! I never even started the damn thing! so it was useless anyhow, I just had to go by the time from 7am to work out how I was doing. Lots of little hills going up and down alot, but loads of time to get some decent speed into aero position for most of it and over took a few riders, but then it was my turn, some of these carbon fiber TT bikes over took me like I was standing still! I was hammering it down this hill in my top gear, tucked in as much as I could and got wasted! Nevermind...I have one of them one day. Half way round I got a gel down me to give me abit of pep. More ups and downs and a few people out to cheer us on, dont blame them for not turning out, the weather was shite. Coming back into Rutland to start the run section now....uncliped my shoes, didnt want to risk a crappy dismount as not been practicing brick sessions or dismounting, now for the run...

Racked my bike, took of the helmet, bike shoes, put my trainers on....where is my gel for the run? it was here!! oh FFS! oh well no time off I go.....jelly legs for the first 400m (must do brick sessions..must do brick sessions!) ...2km in, oh crap here come hamstring starting to tighten on my right leg, slow it down a little, dont want full on cramps! wind blowing like crazy over the dam, the look on peoples faces as they pass me on the loops, you can see the pain in some of them...I know as I was feeling it too!. the final run back going round every corner thinking, this is the end...its gotta be!! and soon it was there...passed the finish line, timing chip off and straight into that ice cold lake to cool my legs down :-).

Swim: 19.38
T1: 3.11 (Damn you watch!)
Bike: 1h 19min
T2: 1:01
Run: 42:16

Total: 2hrs 25mins

Totally happy with the time, I recon it would of been about 2:30-35 if the swim was the full 1.5k, but other than that I loved the race and will be back next year to do it again. Got home and ate like a horse! glutes were just dead! Started cleaning all my gear and putting it away I though my left trainer felt abit cramped and wondered why i had blisters on just my left foot? reached into the end of my shoe and found my "missing gel" it had fallen into my bloody shoe, me rushing about in T2 I just shoved my foot in and ran not time, leave ill leave the gels on top or on my belt ;-).

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sickness, More OW swimming and potential bike theft!

Past 2 weeks I have been suffering with stomach pains, wind and...well the sh*ts every now and again so training had come to a halt while I regained my strength back and my appetite to start eating again, the main culprit I think was my little lad, kids are germ factories and once they get a sickness know your definitely going to get it! So yeah took my hit and got back into my training, still not done any brick training so to speak off so best do a few sessions before Dambuster.

As the weather has been lovely for the past 2 weeks it would of been a shame not to enjoy it in the lakes, so I got my wet suit on and headed down to time how long it would take me to do 1500m....I managed to do it in 42-45mins, which in most peoples eyes is quite crap, but for love nor money I cant do open water sighting! there is no fancy line down the middle to guide you, just the bottom of the lake....until it goes misty. Every time I tried to sight my breathing would go to pot, I loose my rhythm and resort to breast stroke for 3 strokes and then back into freestyle. Not the ideal way to do it, but i guess it will get me through the swim and then I can play catch up on the bike and run. After getting out the lake I noticed I had nicked my wet suit on some branches which I wasn't to happy about, so gotta get some black witch to sort it out ready for the big day!

After work I decided to swing by my parents to pick up a few bits and bobs they had bought for me, so with it being a fly by visit, I rode up the path, put my bike to the side, opened the door and greeted my parents I started to load up my bag...while with the door slightly closed my mum noticed a figure coming up the garden path, I opened the door to see some low life making off with my bike!!! I sprinted after them and managed to to jump and get the guy into a headlock and pull him down, but with the bike falling on top of me, this enabled to guy to get off and make a run for it. Im glad I cycle in the top gear all the time as it didn't give him enough time to build up some speed....Also im glad it was my Mountain bike and not my Tri-Bike! My parents was quite impressed how quick I shot off after him and managed to pull some 6ft-er off my bike, must be all the training I guess ;-).

One more thing, I managed to get a hold of an Aero Profile drinks system for my bike so ill be giving that a trial over the weekend and see how I get on with using Gels on the bike, this is prob going to get messy!

Friday, 11 May 2012

So how broken am I so far??

As the more I train the more little niggles start coming out to haunt and worry me that I wont be able to get through this, so being cautious is the name of the game for me, trying not to over do it if I can. So the list of injuries/niggles I have at the moment that are starting to be of concern are:-

1)Right Ankle - Still getting a niggle on the inside of my right foot after running, but now it don't kick in until I go past the 6-7k mark running, suspected PTT but to skint to afford physio to diagnose. Next day after a run I feel OK, not tried to run with a days rest in between just yet, but think I will start after the Dambuster as the 16 week marathon plan I have fits in nicely with the Mablethorpe marathon I hope to run, this ups my running to 3x a week, 1 long run, 1 tempo and a speed session.

This "injury" or imbalance somewhere on my body is also having a knock on effect in my swimming, the coach pointed out during the swimming analysis that my right foot is just trailing in the water and swinging out when my left hand enters the water to catch. if you look at the two pics here you can see i am "scissor kicking" when my left hand enters, but on my feet to be seen! having watch the video over and over I think this is whats slowing me down in the pool, hopefully ill be able to get the drills done and sort this nasty habit out :-).

2) Right Elbow - Slight case of "golfers/tennis elbow" which has come about with the increase swimming sessions I have been doing, most noticeable when I flip from freestyle to breast stroke, starts playing up when I do breast stroke so there is my push to sack this stroke off soon as I can hit 1500m! On another note looking at the swimming analysis I had done I really need to get the drills done, so going to speak to the pool an see if i can use my fins when the pool is empty or near abouts, got to get my elbow high and no swinging around like im in a boxing match.

3)Stomach cramps after long runs - Soon as I finish a run I get stomach pains that just don't go away for the rest of the evening, Ive tried running on a light stomach and made sure Ive had a good breakfast for my lunch time runs but nothing is stopping them, come the evening times im spend on the loo with the researching this now as come race day, I don't want any of this stopping me running.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Swimming and Running update

With about 7-8 weeks left now until the Dambuster I thought I would give an update on my training...if you can call it that! Unfortunately for me due to working and having a family its hard to stick to a routine so my training is very playing by ear so to speak, the only constant training I would say out the three I'm doing is the swimming due to never being in open water and the fear of getting in the middle of the lake and being out of breath/energy/drowning is constantly playing on my mind, so full focus on that to be able to do 1500m, currently at the moment I can do 900m broken up into small sets with a few breathers in between, then have a rest and prob do another 400m just taking it easy. Some days it will be like wow! I can keep going! other days I have felt like giving up...I go to fast, I struggle, my form goes downhill and I just want to get out the pool. I have started taking gels 20-30mins prior to going in, which I think has helped abit, or maybe its just a placebo? Anyhow I'm getting there :-) far I have done a 10k and a 5k in the new trainers, next niggles or pain (touch wood) so can safely do 2 runs a week, one long and one short with intervals to try and sub 20min 5k. I have been trying to strengthen my legs by doing balancing exercises every other day an am now able to stand more than 5mins on one leg so this might be helping my stability, i have noticed on the runs that im getting some lower back discomfort, I can only put this down to lack of core strength which I really should be sorting out! :-).

Cycling.....errm, well due to the crappy weather is has really dampened my spirits to get out there and do some, but next few weeks ill have no choice and will have to do a few brick sessions to get them legs ready for the run after that 42k cycle! also going to practice with gels and fluids on the bike.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Open water and another pair of trainers!

Last week I got my first taste of what my wetsuit was like, and I was totally amazed at how buoyant and easy it was to swim in it, totally felt like a cheat! Happy with my wetsuit I have decided just to shed a few lbs just to make sure its a snug fit. Now...yesterday I got a taste of the real thing, I headed down to our local lakes where one of the tri club coaches gave us an intro to open water... now this really was an eye opener!!! Temp of the lake was sitting around 10 degrees and it was raining! But we all headed in an did some basic sighting and drafting skills, I have to admit that swimming in a straight line ain't easy, so need to work on the sighting bit. After 25mins we got out and my hands an feet were dead! Hopefully ill go back for some more sessions before dambuster.

Now I thought I would be able to strengthen my feet with the vibrams and vivo neos but I've had to hang them up for now, its too tempting to run long distances in them, I got up to 2/3 miles before I started getting pains near my ankles which I suspect might be posterior tibia tendonitis, so rather than make it worse I've gone back to the structured shoes while strengthen my feet with balancing exercises. Abit gutted but at least ill be injury free for my race and be able to rack up the miles for the marathon bet I have going on with my work colleague :-)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Swimming analysis and wet suit!

After suffering long enough i decided to get my stroke looked at and see where im going wrong, an after viewing myself on cam i can see why! I really look like im now the coach is going to give me some pointers and where i should be working on, i would upload the video but due to other people in shot underwater i cant without their permission, i was due to do it in an empty pool but thanks to Lincolnshire county council blocking the road of for repairs i was 30mins late to the pool, but im just glad i got it done :-).

Also i now own a wetsuit! See the pic below, feels a tad tight so going to loose a few lbs an see if that helps, if not ill have to get another.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Swimming....why its so bloody hard!!

I really don't get it, give me a bike or some road to run on and ill do it no probs (when I'm not injured running wise ;-) )....drop me in a pool and 8 laps later im dead and need a rest! Ive tried to slow my stroke down (don't work I sink), I try kicking hard (keeps my legs up, but dead after 2 laps), tried breathing on one side only (no difference)....keeping my head down and my feet breaking the water...but no, I just cant do it.. and have to revert to breast stroke, which at the moment is killing my right hamstring.

I think I'm going to have to get my stroke analysed at my tri club and see where I'm wasting all my energy, whats slowing me down and getting me worn out so quick, time is not on my side and I need to be able to do that 1500m pool swim or I'm going to be crapping my pants come Dambuster in June!

Or it could be just a case I'm on leave from work and just eating crap most days, not getting the right fuel to power these work outs? who knows? ill see how I get on after I get back to work and sort my normal routine out :-).

Monday, 27 February 2012

New running shoes an swimming membership

After starting back in my vibrams I wanted to try an go into minimal shoes full time an really strengthen my legs, so got a pair of VIVO barefoot NEOs for casual wear an for running, so far I'm really impressed an love all the toe space to spread my toes, also its quicker to put these on an hit the roads, vibrams do take abit of messing around with putting the toe socks on ect, only downside I can think of that they remind me of school plimsoles when I was at primary shoe...prob why we never got injured running around as kids :-).

The past few sessions in the pool has really opened my eyes, swimming once a week is never enough so with the help of my folks they have bought me a years swimming membership at my local pool, so aiming to go 3x a week if I can.

As for cycling, I have re-adjusted my handle bars to the lowest setting, but still need some tweeks, almost managed 30k in under an hour, if it was a straight course I recon I could do it :-).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Back to basics..

After getting my running up again only to start getting twinges after 8km, so stopped running. It's so frustrating knowing I have done 10k 2x a week at one point an now I can't! To be honest I have had running injuries ever since I got gaited for these overpronation trainers with heels as thick as a loaf of bread! So I have ditched them and got back to my vibrams to run running shoes, no cushion heels, arch support, just your foot and 3mm of errr padding... gloves for your feet I suppose :-). Now the downside to these is that my running millage is down to 1mile, Yup 1 mile! Because after that 1 mile your calf muscles are screaming...this is because you have taken away all the padding, shock absorbing casing of the trainer an relying on your own suspension...your calf muscles. So far I have done 2 miles this week with 4 days recovery in-between as boy I have serious DOMS. last time I used my vibrams I got up to 4 miles but stupidly did some fast runs on hills....bad idea, as my Achilles tendon was still adjusting to the increase length it had to travel I had put too much strain on it an got Achilles tendonitis...8 weeks no running, I had to ditch the vibrams an use the trainers as had two races coming up an didn't have the millage on them to race, I got through the races ok, still niggling injuries after though. So far I only have sore calf muscles an overtime they will get stronger an less DOMS, just have to resist temptation to run hills or with people wanting a race.....on a fun note we had some snow an running in my vibrams leaves cool foot prints in the snow, love how people look twice at the floor :-). 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Cracks starting to appear :-(....

Well I have started back on the training, first few runs of 5k was great, really enjoying it and getting a new PB for it, decided to push the boat and do a 8k on my lunch break, after hitting 6-7k mark I felt a twinge on the underside of my right foot and the left side of ankle so have given the running a rest for the week and will try going up the km slowly, last thing I want to do is give myself a case of plantar fasciitis. I always get injuries from my right knee downwards and guess i should really go back to the physio or go for a biomechanical imbalance test to see whats causing these injuries, but its the £££, so going to crack on with the core strength exercises some more and work on the hip exercises again as I have stopped doing them since moving, fingers crossed it will improve but if not I have no choice but to seen professional advice, also I think it might be time for some new trainers....more £££!!

Swimming is coming on fine, really getting a feel for the water now, just need to keep up the fitness and fit a second session in a week to build up my endurance.

Bike, coming along great, got out last week and did a 30km cycle, the most ive done on a bike and had to turn back due to how cold my feet was! so bought some over boots to keep em warm. This week I bashed out another 30km but 3mins faster, prob due to the winds behind me on one of the straights and the fact i could feel my feet....take about 1:05mins, so going to keep doing the loop untill im under and hour, then crank it up to 40km.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

First post for 2012

Well as new years resolutions go, mine fell at the first hurdle....the aim to be better with time and eat healthy ended on the first day back to work...overslept and had to grab some junk food to keep me going through out the day as had no time to prepare anything...oh well. So my training is starting back up again anyhow, first swimming session back last week ripped me apart, so out of shape for 2 months no swimming, but soon got back into the swing of things. Running...did a 5km last week just to get the DOMS over and done with so I can get back to regular running and then up the millage. Cycling...soon as I get our shed base down and order one I'm going to do long bike rides to build up to 40km, currently I'm doing 20k a day going to work at back, but would like to use my tri bike and get used to it more if i could...maybe when its abit warmer?

Right best do some stretches as off for a nice 5km run, under my foot is twinging abit so might just take it steady :-)