Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Running and Swimming updates

After seeing physio about my dodgy leg, I have been doing alot more stretches as my right hip and hamstrings are quite tight, still getting a few niggles when going over 10k running but the next morning I dont have any pains or anything sore, Im not sure if that is a good sign or not? I dont mind as long as I can keep on running.

Another thing I have decided to do was use one of my 3x runs a week to use one to run in my Vibram barefoot running shoes...now I know I keep switching between the support shoes and the minimal ones, each has there own downfall at present...the support shoe allows me to get away with a very relaxed running form, so I use these for my long and medium distant runs, the Vibrams I am just using very slowly to increase my distance in them because too much or switching to them completely always cripples me as I get too carried away and overuse those dormant muscles. So far Im having a 13k long run, 1k-2km Vibram Run and a 5/8/10k tempo run, increasing my long run distance 10% each week.

I must say the Vibrams are the only shoes that give my calfs a good workout! So hopefully using these gradually and not making the switch full on will increase my foot/ankle strength and reduce injuries.

On the swimming side of things, it was over a month since I last went in the pool, or the lake should I say for Dambuster so getting back in I knew I was in for a wake up call...as they say use it or loose it!...so back in the pool and I was gutted at how quickly it can go, terrible first session and I knackered my shoulder so that was another 2 weeks waiting to get back in the pool. I decided to do my 0-1 mile program again, so started with 700m broken down. Took it easy and left it at that, was tempted to do a few more laps but didnt want to do my shoulder in again...the next session, did 700m again and as I was feeling quite fresh and the pool was almost emptied I decided to crack a few laps till I was fatigued and go home.....I cracked out 16 more laps in about 8mins which I have never done all freestyle! I felt like I could go forever! but I called it a day, as I didnt want to overdo it. Hitting the pool again tonight to repeat the same set before moving up :-).

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