Sunday, 9 June 2013

8 Weeks till Ironman...shit is getting real!!

With about 8 weeks to go, how are things shaping up? action plan, has gone totally out the window and its now just a case of getting what training I can get in, but most importantly the long slow workouts so I feel comfort in the distance and can at least finish the race...from being a case of getting a nice time its now a case of finishing and becoming an Ironman, even if i have to walk the marathon or crawl across the finish line!!!

Swimming - This saturday while down at the lake a few of my tri buddies was down and going to do the 5 laps (A tad over the Ironman distance) as they are doing the Outlaw triathlon and they have even less time than me! So they said I might as well give it a go...this time I hired a Blue Seventy wetsuit as my Orca 3 is now starting to feel very tight and constrictive (Nooo I have not put on weight if anything lost a few lbs). So off we im useless at front crawl and messes me up so have decided to do the Ironman with a mix of breast stroke and front crawl....and 1h 40mins, I completed the 5 laps!! I was chuffed! Sure im not going to win any age groups or Kona slots, but its built my confidence up that I can survive the distance and cut off!!....boom!! now to just maintain that distance until race day.

Bike - Up to 70miles now, a bit hit and miss with the nutrition side of things, some rides ill feel amazing and finish good, others I just bonk and want to call my dad to get the car and pick me up!! trial and error I guess but its a leanring curve :-)...just got to get used being on the bike for such long periods, saddle sores, aching lower back, neck pain...I know I should get a bike fit but cant afford it :-( man up...get on with it.

Running - New pair of trainers bought, but not 100% with them, even though my old Nikes have aboot 460-480 miles on them, they feel snug, but the soles are really showing wear and tear, so sticking with the new ones for now, but if I dont feel happy on the day then the old ones are coming out for one last dance. Up to 10-12miles at the moment which is no good considering I have 8 weeks left, but this leads on to my injury report....

So far I have been getting a niggle in my left knee cap since my bike rides have gone more than 60-70km, adjusted my seat and this looked to have resolved it, but still comes back after each session. When I run this comes out 2x as worse and I have to stop at 10miles....its annoying as I had all the injuries on my right leg, now they are coming out on the left!!! aaarrgggghhh!! So trying to space my long run out from my long bike and trying to stretch and do what it takes to not make it hurt :-(....but like I say, I may have to walk the marathon, or just run through the pain! which I can do but I know I need my knee to be able to drive home the next day! :-)

Hotel is booked, staying about 4 miles down the road from the swim will have to get a taxi in the morning or one of my Tri buddies to take me.....and pick my corpse up at the end of the day!!

So exciting times, just hope I can hold this all together!!