Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday night with the tri club

After my terrible experience from monday morning swimming session I hoped wednesday night would go better, and it did! Managed to get back into the swing of things, focus on my body position in the water and get my breathing pattern sorted. My upper back muscles have a few DOMS which means it was a good session last night. Tried some nose clips to stop water going up my nose but they was useless so sacked them off and just got on with it.

I asked my trainer how my swimming was coming on and if there was anything that stood out that was slowing me down or making me fight the water so much, but he said I was doing great and that it all comes in time, just need to relax and slow my pace down abit....I hope one day I can look back on these bad swimming experiences and wonder why I had all these issues in the first place...cant wait for that day :-).

Monday, 15 August 2011

Not a morning swimmer...

As I am off work for the week I decided to have an early morning swim. Not been doing much swimming since the David lloyd triathlon due to going on holiday and coming back with a throat infection which stopped me eating, sleeping, drinking for 5 days and made me loose half a stone. Today after a few laps I just felt so out of it and couldn't be bothered, then water up my nose, goggles fogging up constantly... I gave up, just gonna rest till Wednesday session with the tri club. Also I got to start eating clean if I can and avoid any junk :-).

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday morning cycle on the new bike

Nice morning for a cycle, no traffic on the roads, great :-)

Managed 20km in 37m 43sec which is just over 3min 40sec faster than the MTB with slicks on, well impressed! Have to admit I started to feel the pinch on the journey back having not cycled this far in the last month so I need to get on the bike as much as I can before Southwell Triathlon in Sept to improve my times.

Here is my route using Endomondo..

Wanna go back to bed now....hate 6am wake ups :-)

Friday, 12 August 2011

New Triathlon Bike

After looking at my times for my first triathlon I really needed to get a road bike, or something alot lighter to get me some better times, so I looked at my work places Cycle2Work scheme....this turned out to be an exercise in itself with the amount of hoops you have to jump through to get it and messing up my tax codes so I scrapped the idea. My dad on the other hand decided to help me out a little in the end and he really enjoyed watching the triathlon and seeing all the nice bikes in the transition area.

So after alot of looking in bike shops, looking online, getting reviews I couldnt decide which of the two bikes I really liked, one was a road bike, the other an entry level triathlon bike..The road bike would be more responsive on the road, easy to climb hills with, and a good all rounder. The tri bike however would be faster, more aero and save my legs for the run part of the triathlon. Seen as though I already had a bike I used to commute to work on and do long bike rides I decided to go with the tri bike as I can feel the need for speed and extra minutes saved on the bike, plus with 20% off end of year special I couldnt say no, so I got the Fuji Aloha 2.0.

Just need to get out and ride it now, must admit it take abit of getting used too! Ive had it set up for me by a good friend at work called Bill who is into racing bikes, coming back from his garage I felt alot of difference and more comfort in riding hitting 30mph made me smile!. Fingers crossed the weather is good sunday morning for a 20k cycle.

David Lloyd Triathlon - July 10th 2011

Well here it is… my first step into the world of triathlon! Completed in 1hr 25mins 16 secs, the distances were 400m Swim, 24k Bike, 5km Run. Apon turning up to the venue I was abit nervous wondering what to expect but was soon put at ease when I saw that there was alot on newbie's doing the race too, a few mountain bikes spotted and even a shopper bike with basket! As it was my first Triathlon I had just the basics to get me through...had and all in one tri suit, slick tyres on my mountain bike, and a worn in pair of running shoes, running belt, bike helmet and some shades.

Here is me just after registration and about to get my bike racked up.

After getting registered I had to get my bike racked up and all my gear set up in the transition area and then head off to the race briefing as it was my first triathlon. I tried to hear what the guy was telling me but I just made out the basics, plus I could hear my little boy moaning on the other side of the car park while the missus tried to keep him entertained :-). Once that was out the way I only had a few min’s to get to the pool and be ready to start in my wave.

The swim was a bit choppy as lots of people in the pool, but I managed to get my lengths done even if I had to resort to breast stroke for the last 2-3 lengths as I didn’t want to get too out of breath getting straight on to the bike (swimming is not my best of the 3) plus I forgot how many laps I had done so, thought best do 2 more to be on the safe side......out the pool on to T1......oops i still had my swim cap on! ran back and dropped it off as they needed them for the wave counters....quickly dried my feet, socks on, trainers on, belt on, helmet!

Just as I mounted my bike I saw the missus with my little boy cheering me on which pushed me to get up to speed, first km I tried to get my heart rate down as I needed to prepare for the Burton village hill which was quite steep! but I managed to get up it without stopping which I was happy about. Not far down the road was my good friends Charles and Leander filming me (Ill upload the video later). Managed about 30-34km/ph average on my mountain bike and managed to overtake a few of the earlier waves on road bikes which got me thinking if I was pushing it too much before the run? but I didn’t really care as I was having fun!...coming to the end of the bike leg I saw all my family this time all cheering me on which made me smile big time having all this support so early on a Sunday morning. Another friend of mine was waiting for me apon entry to the transition area Oliver Hughes, shouting lots of words of encouragement and taking photo’s, I keep telling him to take up triathlon, but not up for it.....yet ;-).

Quick racking of the bike, spin my belt round and thrash out the 5km run, abit of jelly legs to start off with for first 500m but then I got into my normal running pattern, about half way I felt my right hamstring, feel abit tight so didn’t want to push it too much and cripple took it steady and crossed the line in 1h 25mins 16secs.....not bad for first attempt I thought :-).

My Splits:-

Swim - 11:22
T1 - 2:05
Bike - 48:15
T2 - 0.47 
Run - 22:47

Coming off the bike into transition

 Heading for the run

 Half way point

Coming in from the bike course

 Me and my little boy
 Last leg of the run