Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday night with the tri club

After my terrible experience from monday morning swimming session I hoped wednesday night would go better, and it did! Managed to get back into the swing of things, focus on my body position in the water and get my breathing pattern sorted. My upper back muscles have a few DOMS which means it was a good session last night. Tried some nose clips to stop water going up my nose but they was useless so sacked them off and just got on with it.

I asked my trainer how my swimming was coming on and if there was anything that stood out that was slowing me down or making me fight the water so much, but he said I was doing great and that it all comes in time, just need to relax and slow my pace down abit....I hope one day I can look back on these bad swimming experiences and wonder why I had all these issues in the first place...cant wait for that day :-).

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