Thursday, 15 March 2012

Swimming....why its so bloody hard!!

I really don't get it, give me a bike or some road to run on and ill do it no probs (when I'm not injured running wise ;-) )....drop me in a pool and 8 laps later im dead and need a rest! Ive tried to slow my stroke down (don't work I sink), I try kicking hard (keeps my legs up, but dead after 2 laps), tried breathing on one side only (no difference)....keeping my head down and my feet breaking the water...but no, I just cant do it.. and have to revert to breast stroke, which at the moment is killing my right hamstring.

I think I'm going to have to get my stroke analysed at my tri club and see where I'm wasting all my energy, whats slowing me down and getting me worn out so quick, time is not on my side and I need to be able to do that 1500m pool swim or I'm going to be crapping my pants come Dambuster in June!

Or it could be just a case I'm on leave from work and just eating crap most days, not getting the right fuel to power these work outs? who knows? ill see how I get on after I get back to work and sort my normal routine out :-).


  1. Mate have you used the Swim Smooth website at all? here is the link, I have found it really useful alongside the club sessions. Will you be making Lincoln? Really looking forward to it now...

  2. Yeah, managed to get ahold of the DVD boxset and going through that, but whats been even better is i have had video analysis done on my stroke with my tri club, looking at the video i can see where im going wrong, i look like a drowning rat! The coach is going to review it and give me my pointers where i need to improve on. As for lincoln, its clashing with a christening ive got to go too so im out of it this year which im abit gutted, You doing anymore of the midland sprint races?