Sunday, 8 July 2012

Marathon Training now...or is it?

Soon as Dambuster finished I started my marathon training, just to get me in the frame of mind I could complete the marathon at the end of the Ironman, so picked a 16 week training schedule from FIRST which is training 3x a week, anymore and I knew I was asking for trouble with my legs... or so I thought. After 2 weeks it was time to start the Sunday long slow runs, no matter how hard I try I struggle to go slow like the advice is to use your heart beat as a guide so I just did what I thought was comfortable for me, this was 7:30/40min miles which I thought wasn't too bad and once I got into a rhythm I felt like I could go for hours! My target was 10miles which is the longest ive ever run, abit of a jump from 10k, got to 9.5miles and then the wheels started falling off the wagon...first my right ankle started giving me grief so had to slow right down and then some stiffness in my left calf above the achillies. Soon as I got in I hopped into an ice cold bath to cool my legs down and took some ibruprofen and put my feet up for the rest of the night, hoping tomorrow morning I not done too much damage.

Morning came and my usual ankle niggle wasnt too bad, this time it was my left calf having the issues, I think adding 50% on to my running distance wasnt the best of ideas so its bitten me and told me to back off, so let my legs rest for 2/3 days and then went back to my normal 5k, no real problems but could still feel the niggles, so ice bath straight after the run.

Come Friday me and the missus decided to take the boy to Fun Farm (kids indoor play area), took my shoes off and just ran around after him. After a few minutes of playing football, I get a shooting pain in my right shin....ffs, guess Ive been told to back off the running too much for sure, shin splints is a pain in the ass! took me 6 weeks to get rid of them last time because I ran 3x a week 10k in crappy trainers.

So with all the leg injuries mainly related to my right leg I have decided to seek professional advice and see a physio, see where in the chain I have got these issues and get them resolved in time for the marathon, also this should be able if this is effecting my swimming too.

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