Thursday, 19 April 2012

Open water and another pair of trainers!

Last week I got my first taste of what my wetsuit was like, and I was totally amazed at how buoyant and easy it was to swim in it, totally felt like a cheat! Happy with my wetsuit I have decided just to shed a few lbs just to make sure its a snug fit. Now...yesterday I got a taste of the real thing, I headed down to our local lakes where one of the tri club coaches gave us an intro to open water... now this really was an eye opener!!! Temp of the lake was sitting around 10 degrees and it was raining! But we all headed in an did some basic sighting and drafting skills, I have to admit that swimming in a straight line ain't easy, so need to work on the sighting bit. After 25mins we got out and my hands an feet were dead! Hopefully ill go back for some more sessions before dambuster.

Now I thought I would be able to strengthen my feet with the vibrams and vivo neos but I've had to hang them up for now, its too tempting to run long distances in them, I got up to 2/3 miles before I started getting pains near my ankles which I suspect might be posterior tibia tendonitis, so rather than make it worse I've gone back to the structured shoes while strengthen my feet with balancing exercises. Abit gutted but at least ill be injury free for my race and be able to rack up the miles for the marathon bet I have going on with my work colleague :-)


  1. Good effort on the OW swim mate, i am still to pop my cherry! And the rate i am going it will be when we enter the water at Dambuster : 0

  2. Id get in soon mate and get used to the water, just so you will be ready on the day as its a total shocker!! Im just hoping i can get the distance up in time lol.