Saturday, 28 April 2012

Swimming and Running update

With about 7-8 weeks left now until the Dambuster I thought I would give an update on my training...if you can call it that! Unfortunately for me due to working and having a family its hard to stick to a routine so my training is very playing by ear so to speak, the only constant training I would say out the three I'm doing is the swimming due to never being in open water and the fear of getting in the middle of the lake and being out of breath/energy/drowning is constantly playing on my mind, so full focus on that to be able to do 1500m, currently at the moment I can do 900m broken up into small sets with a few breathers in between, then have a rest and prob do another 400m just taking it easy. Some days it will be like wow! I can keep going! other days I have felt like giving up...I go to fast, I struggle, my form goes downhill and I just want to get out the pool. I have started taking gels 20-30mins prior to going in, which I think has helped abit, or maybe its just a placebo? Anyhow I'm getting there :-) far I have done a 10k and a 5k in the new trainers, next niggles or pain (touch wood) so can safely do 2 runs a week, one long and one short with intervals to try and sub 20min 5k. I have been trying to strengthen my legs by doing balancing exercises every other day an am now able to stand more than 5mins on one leg so this might be helping my stability, i have noticed on the runs that im getting some lower back discomfort, I can only put this down to lack of core strength which I really should be sorting out! :-).

Cycling.....errm, well due to the crappy weather is has really dampened my spirits to get out there and do some, but next few weeks ill have no choice and will have to do a few brick sessions to get them legs ready for the run after that 42k cycle! also going to practice with gels and fluids on the bike.

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