Thursday, 27 December 2012

He who fails to plan is planning to fail...

Well its been a while since I have been on here to update my progress, In my last entry I mentioned about the splitting up from my partner of 8 years, I never would of imaged how much stress this would of put on me and stop completely in my training tracks. Past 2 months I have been very sparadic in training with no set plan and just doing runs here, swimming when I can, and cycling errr....never! So with less than 9 months to go till Ironman UK ive had to really crack down and get a plan of action sorted and stick to it so I am in the best condition ever when I toe the line.

Currently im going between two houses until the ex can move out, so this is having an impact as having to stay in the house to look after my son 3 nights of the week...So whats the best alternative to no training? training in-doors! its not the ideal situation but its better than nothing right? So looked on wiggle for torture device 1 ie Turbo Trainer, I already had one but it sounded like a plane taking off and would of woke the boy up so quiet was the key. I spotted the Elite SuperCrono Inertial ElastoGel Turbo Trainer, it was reduced from £209 down to £96 so jumped at the chance and bought one. Tested it out and very quiet and a good solid workout on it, just I need to sort out my chattering gears now!

Torture device number 2 will be a treadmill, currently I am managing to do a long run at weekend and the short temp/speed sessions in my lunch break at work, but Ill wait for the usual fitness turkeys to get bored of the treadmill they got for Xmas and keep an ebay for some cheap bargains.

Now for swimming, Im really struggling because of the useless times my local sports center has the pool open for lane swiming and even then they dont put the guide ropes out so any dipshit can come crashing into you at any given moment, I may have to chose another sports center and go early mornings?

I have borrowed a book of a good friend Clint from the Lincoln Tri club, he has lent me his turbo trainer to test, tri-bars for my spare bike and now his IronFit book to give me some ideas on planning my training.

2013 is going to be a major challenge for me, not just with the Ironman but with studying to get better qualified and get a new higher paid job to keep my mortgage going, fingers crossed ill come out smiling :-)


  1. Best wishes for 2013 Andy! Tough year but stick with it, your boy will always be your boy and you will come out of the other end stronger..... I am using the Don Fink competitive plan which for me starts on January 6th and takes in the Outlaw Half in June as my measure for IMUK. Good luck with everything.

  2. Thanks dude, fingers crossed it all goes to plan with not too much upset. Ive taken a look at the Don Fink plans and need to try an adjust to the using time rather than distance for workouts, going to be a tough one to overcome. Good luck with your training too mate, cant wait for IMUK :-).