Monday, 23 January 2012

Cracks starting to appear :-(....

Well I have started back on the training, first few runs of 5k was great, really enjoying it and getting a new PB for it, decided to push the boat and do a 8k on my lunch break, after hitting 6-7k mark I felt a twinge on the underside of my right foot and the left side of ankle so have given the running a rest for the week and will try going up the km slowly, last thing I want to do is give myself a case of plantar fasciitis. I always get injuries from my right knee downwards and guess i should really go back to the physio or go for a biomechanical imbalance test to see whats causing these injuries, but its the £££, so going to crack on with the core strength exercises some more and work on the hip exercises again as I have stopped doing them since moving, fingers crossed it will improve but if not I have no choice but to seen professional advice, also I think it might be time for some new trainers....more £££!!

Swimming is coming on fine, really getting a feel for the water now, just need to keep up the fitness and fit a second session in a week to build up my endurance.

Bike, coming along great, got out last week and did a 30km cycle, the most ive done on a bike and had to turn back due to how cold my feet was! so bought some over boots to keep em warm. This week I bashed out another 30km but 3mins faster, prob due to the winds behind me on one of the straights and the fact i could feel my feet....take about 1:05mins, so going to keep doing the loop untill im under and hour, then crank it up to 40km.

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