Thursday, 11 October 2012

IRONMAN UK - August 4th 2013 - The Countdown begins!

Yes I have signed up for my first IRONMAN!!! I was going to do the Outlaw Triathlon as it was closer and cheaper than an Official Ironman event, Outlaw = £250 Ironman = £375, but due to its popularity it sold out in 5 days flat! I didn't have the funds to hand to get booked in so missed the boat.I was gutted as I knew there was no way I was going to get the fee for the official Ironman, so I looked at the charity positions going and was tempted to sign up with SCOPE for £100 entrance fee and a commitment to raise £1k. During the registration for the place it then came to the golden question as to why I wanted to do the race for that charity, the obvious was the fact that I wanted the cheap entrance fee and probably could raise the money  but I felt like a fraud, so backed out and started thinking again as how I was to get in, luck would have it my dad agreed to go half with me after I told him how much I wanted to do the race and to raise some money for charity. So I am now signed up, and will be getting in touch with a few charities that I feel are close to my heart that I would like to raise money for, with no set target, just raise what I can :-)...


Now this is the part that has taken the downward spiral in the past 2-3 weeks. Everything going smoothly, got up to my half marathon distance running, swimming was coming nicely and managing to cycle everyday...until my world came crashing down. After 8 years being with my partner we have decided to have a break/split...I wont go into details on here, but having to move back in with my parents to give each other some space has taken its toll so my training has come to a stop while I sort myself out and make time for my son. Fingers crossed it may get sorted, who knows? I may rest now until January for when I will start the Ironman training schedule, fresh body and fresh mind? or time to build up a good swimming/cycling base?

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