Sunday, 17 March 2013

6 months of torture! Now I see the on!!

After 6 months of pure hell of a relationship breakdown I was beginning to think my Ironman dreams was going to be over, nothing was going right in my personal life and training was non-existant apart from the odd run here and there....but now its finally over and I can get back on track! Got my house back, got routine starting back up again, sacked off dating women....its Ironman time!

So with the clock ticking I worked out how long I got left till the big day....21 weeks! sh*t! is there a plan out there for such a short time? YES! low and behold the 20 week training plan...

Will it be any good I was thinking?.....if Dave Scott 6 time Ironman champion can use it, then so I can :-). Tuesday is the first day of the it don't come without its difficulties...I am a single dad with a boy to look after 3 nights of the week and a Saturday, the last thing I want to do is sacrifice my time with my boy or palm him off on my family...soooooo, I now have a turbo trainer and a treadmill!! The days I cannot get out the house, I can at least get some training in when my boy is asleep :-)....not the best but better than nothing.

Roll on Tuesday!!! 

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  1. Good luck Andy, good effort in finding a way to make things work!! See you on the start line : )