Friday, 2 August 2013

IMUK Hours away!!

Well....the past 8 weeks went like a blur and now I am less than 48hrs from doing the Ironman am I feeling? nervous? yes, Sore? abit, Sick, nope.....So how do I think im going to do? In all honesty I just want to get past the finish line and be an Ironman, Its been a shitty year to start off with and nothing went as planned, I was hoping the journey to Ironman be a stress free, happy event that I wanted to blog but such is life you cant see what lies ahead and what its going to throw at in all due fairness Im kinda blaggin this Ironman, I know I can swim 2.4miles and still have juice in the tank, I can bike 112miles, slight sore neck but legs ready to run, I can run a 1/2 marathon...the rest is going to be mind games to get myself to the finish without doing any serious damage to my knee or hoping I do it!!!...fingers crossed!!!

Lets get this party started!


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