Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Glassman Returns - It's been a while!

Well it's been a while since I was here! So much has happened since my last cut a long story short....met the love of my life, got married, moved twice, changed jobs, had beautiful baby girl and now another one on the way! It's been a hectic 3 years but I'm back looking to do my next challenge having completed an Ironman Triathlon. I no longer have all the time to do all 3 disaplines without some serious planning and a very understanding wife! So am sticking to just running for now as it's what I'm good at (well...when I'm training!) so my next challenge is.....

Running a sub 3hr Marathon!

Why a sub 3hr marathon you ask? Well it's a very good time to complete a marathon and so much so it guarantees you access to the London Marathon. I have tried 7 years with the ballot to get in and failed, time waits for no one to be lucky and get a place so a Good For Age slot is my only hope, so for my age 18-40 I need to get a marathon ran in under 3hrs 5mins.

So what is my current fitness now? Errrmm....not a lot, just a few 5k here and there hitting the 21-22min mark. I am a stone overweight from when I did Ironman so could do with a little of it shifting or strengthening my legs again building some muscle. I managed a half marathon last year in 1h 40mins, if I can crack 1h 30mins then I should be on my way for a good start to getting my sub 3hr goal.....lets get started! :)

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