Monday, 5 September 2011

2 weeks left till Southwell Triathlon!

Been really busy past few weeks so not had a chance to update my blog, so quickly doing it now on my lunch break. So far I have managed to get some SPD's and shoes for my bike (the missus kindly let me have my birthday presents early to get used to them :-) ), took a little while to get used to them but I can see how they can benefit me on the hills and getting the power down, so far ive not fallen off or got stuck on them at the lights....but I guess there is still time!.

Training has been slow, did a 5k run on saturday evening with a PB of 21.16 trying to work out my max heart rate (time to start doing tempo runs and interval training in hope of getting some sub 20 5k's and sub 40 10k's next year, ive been on a plateu for too long on these runs so need to up the game and break them barriers.

Swimming is coming along nicely, still getting abit tired but that my fault not going more than once a week. Soon as winter hits Ill be heading for the pool more and working up to 1500m ready for the London Triathlon next year.

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