Sunday, 25 September 2011

HRM Testing

In a bid to try and get faster I bought a heart rate monitor to work out which zone I am in for each type of run ie long slow, interval or tempo. So this morning I decided to do a 8km run (was tempted by 10km but dont want to risk injury since its been a while since last did a 10k), going by the test I did a few weeks back I estimated my max heart rate to be about 202 going by some advice on the triathlon forums, this puts my long slow run heart rate to be about 131-151bpm. After about 5-8mins into the run I was struggling to keep my heart rate down, it was more 160-166. So I slowed down even more to the point I felt like I was going to just do speed walking!! didnt feel all that good, so I stuck at 166bpm with what I would class as a steady jog, not pushing it at all and just taking in the sights from up the top of the hill, (beats running along a busy road on my other 10k route with all the traffic fumes!) Any niggles? Well so far the bottom of my calfs feel abit tight, so will give them a good stretch later, gave my legs a blast with a cold shower soon as I got in and put my compression socks on. Lower left back felt abit of discomfort, this is most likely down to my posture and lack of core strength, something I am trying to fit in each week so I dont get pain after 10k of running.

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