Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Southwell Triathlon times + End of season review

Swim = 11:45 - Errrghhh! :-(
T1 = 1:45
Bike = 34:19 - Wooo go Tri Bike!
T2 = 0.36
Run = 21.50 - Not bad, cramps ruined the start.

Well thats it until next year, I have really enjoyed my start into the world of Triathlon! Met some great people at the races, always friendly people to chat to while waiting to get in the pool or setting up your kit in transition. Thanks to my friends and family turning up to support and cheer me on, its been great and cant wait to do it again.

So what now untill next year? Well for one thing swimming is going to be my main focus to get it around 8mins at least! almost 12mins is a joke and no BS, all front crawl, no breaks ect....going to try an go at least 2x a week, focus on the breathing and trying not to hyperventilate which is making me tense and loose my rhythm.

Bike, well fingers crossed we dont have a sh*tty winter like last time so I can get out every now and again, just on the safe side im going to take the slicks off my MTB and put the regular ones back on, get some hill work chucked into the mix.

Run, the one thing im good at when im not injured lol, going to try and get sub 20/5km and sub 40/10k, Will test this out in the lincoln 10k in April, fingers crosssed :-).

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